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Infectious Grooves

The most essential collection of Brazilian rhythms ever made, played by the finest musicians, with state of the art recording and mixing.
For the first time such an intuitive and versatile take on Brazilian percussion is offered to producers, composers and musicians around the world.
Rio Grooves features an unparalleled level of flexibility regarding multi-microphone perspective balancing, seamless synchronization with your music and preset MIDI files, all presented in a straightforward interface.
Bring the fresh and exquisite feel and syncopation of the rhythms in this collection to your music !

Rio Grooves (…) is an infectious blend of authentic instruments and human feel. None of the performances are overcooked, making them a delight to blend with other loops, arrange as is or cherry-pick from to breathe life wherever it’s needed.



• Powered by Native Instruments industry standard Kontakt sampler.
• Includes Free Kontakt Player software.
• Works with all major music production softwares. (eg. Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One…)

Rio Grooves occupies (…) is an infectious blend of authentic instruments and human feel. None of the performances are overcooked, making them a delight to blend with other loops, arrange as is or cherry-pick from to breathe life wherever it’s needed.

Rhythmic Profusion

Based on the rich heritage of Brazilian music, Rio Groove’s offers complete pieces of grooves played in the right feel and form, providing separate instrument rhythm sections as building blocks. Each section contains multiple pattern variations, interchangeable between themselves. The combination between them provides endless rhythmic possibilities!

The Grooves

The rich and unique flavor of those rhythms can be effortlessly integrated in most day-to-day productions. Great care was taken in choosing them to match contemporary production music, inspire song-writing process and also blend naturally with media scoring for film, TV and games.
As the rhythmic patterns themselves are an integral part of this collection, merely sampling every instrument hits would not suffice to reproduce the authenticity and feel of the given grooves. With that in mind, for every rhythm style, we recorded patterns for each instrument, but also in some cases, all of played together to keep their intricacies in swing feel and dynamics as an ensemble.
Imagine having the finest percussion players available right at his fingertips. We present a selection of music styles so the user can build more simple or complex sections by selecting the instrumentation.

The Instruments

The core sound of Rio Grooves! is based on the instrumentation usually found in “Blocos” which are the typical percussion ensembles that provide accompaniment to street carnival parades in Rio.
Those are usually based on Surdo (Low drums), Caixa (Snare) and some sort of shaker (Ganzá, Rocar or Xequerê) with extra instruments such as Cuíca, Apito (whistle), Pandeiro, Agogo, Reco-reco (guiro), and others.
Also we provide the classic old school samba small ensemble instruments (Tamborim and Repinique). Finally, some of the provided rhythm styles bring the traditional instruments brought to Brazil by African slaves such as the Atabaque (Conga) and the Berimbau, like the ones used in Capoeira.

Perfect Timing

Our innovative Grid Lock functionality allows patterns to be locked onto the musical grid of the DAW’s session, so that every element plays always in perfect timing with each other, regardless of any timing inconsistency of the player.
That ensures the separate instrument sections maintain the groove tight and faithful to the desired rhythm pattern. The offset knob allows the user to change the general feel from ahead of the beat to laid back (after the beat).

Multiple Perspectives

Each performance has been captured with three microphone positions, ranging from clean and intimate (perfect for adding extra treatments) to a lively, natural room ambience.
The beautiful ensemble room sound was captured with a pair of venerable M-149s microphones while two ribbon (R-122) mics were used for sweet sounding over heads. Dynamic microphones were used for close miking (RE-20, MD-421, SM-57 and Beta 52).

Sonic Sculpting

Beyond the essential mixer controls for each individual instrument in the groove pattern (volume, pan and reverb send), individual outputs to your DAW are provided for total flexibility in sound sculpting.
This allows using your favorite compressor, equalizer and reverbs plug-ins in each instrument, but also extends the sonic potential tremendously. Think of delay, modulation, distortion, bit cruncher; your imagination is the limit !

Arrangement MIDI files

Bundled in the package are 100 MIDI files with full arrangements you instantly play using key switches or can drag onto your DAW’s arrange window.
These preset patterns serve as examples of the current rhythm style, as well as providing an intuitive, ready to use version of the rhythm as an accompaniment or a starting point to build on.

System Requirements

• Native instruments Kontakt Player 7 software (included). Works also with Kontakt Full Version (from version 6.8.1).
• Audio Units, VST and AAX plug in hosts. (eg. Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Garageband, MainStage, Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, Avid Pro Tools, Presonus Studio One)
Intel Macs (i5 processor or higher): macOS 10.15, 11 or 12 (latest update).
Apple Silicon Macs (via Rosetta 2 & natively on ARM in Standalone or in hosts that support it): macOS 11 or 12 (latest update).
Windows: Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU. Graphics hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher and Direct 3D 11.1 (Feature Level 11_0) or higher.
• 4 GB RAM.


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A one time offer is available during checkout for the bundle of Continuum Guitars and Rio Grooves all together with a discounted price when you buy any individual product.

What’s the deal between Rio Grooves and Cinesamples ?

Rio Grooves and Continuum Guitars were originally developed by Metasonica who partnered with Cinesamples for distribution. Our instruments are no longer sold by them and we are excited to handle our own sales from 2023.

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